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29 November 2007 @ 02:31 am
The Fetish  
If pornography is the hyperrealization and site of sex's official disappearance, then fetish--in a very special case, anthropologically, in a society contemporary only with itself, in its most extreme case--may possibly constitute and become the pornographication of pornography, which is to say, a symbol of the obscene's disappearance, following the decline of sex as sex, perpetuated only by the alibi of a pure abstraction--an aesthetization of the erotic, as pure and symbolic form, as artifact, far beyond tittilating novelty, transmuted as idol, reified in worship.  It would perhaps comprise sublimation in the extreme but classic case (which classicism always is, has been?)--the function and locus of the orgasm freed from all nominal and arbitrary constraints, lost for a time in indeterminacy and ghostliness and the void--but reborn at last in symbol, as the inhuman or non-animal, avatar of Eros.  Is such an abstract art possible today?  If a symbolic return of things is possible--if art indeed is the engendering of new, unknown forms, into life--perhaps.